Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our Camper

Today we dropped Bekah off for her first sleep-away Bible camp!  She's been so excited for it, but she got more and more nervous as we got closer and all through registration.  We met her counselor and checked out her cabin where she found she was the first one there and got her pick of the beds.  She chose a top bunk.  Up went her pillow, up went her sleeping bag...and then she turned and said "Ok, bye"!  Waaaaaahhhhh!!!  No, just kidding.  I think it's GREAT that she's so brave and independent.  Definitely gets that from her father though.  I'm a big chicken.
Jesse wanted to walk around the place before we left so we did that and he was pretty impressed with the place.  He never went to camp as a kid so it was all new to him.  And he was the one that had to poke his head into Bekah's cabin one more time before we left.  :)  I can't wait to hear about her time there!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scott's Seventh

For Scott's 7th birthday, we loaded up his friends, Caden R. and Dalton, and headed to Grand Rapids.

I dropped Jesse and the three boys off at Veteran's Park for some playground time while I ran errands.

After that it was off to see Monsters U in 3D!  We were met at the theater by the other Storlies, the Kallinens and the Niemalas.

Those glasses make him look like Roy Orbison.

After the movie all 17 of us went out for pizza.  It was a rowdy crew of kids and I was glad I had thought to order the pizzas ahead!

Scott got a Lego set from the other Storlies and he LOVED it! 
(Jesse thought it was pretty fun too.)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

More Slip-n-Slidin' Fun

That slip-n-slide has been worth the $16 we paid for it so far!  Today we decided to set it up going down the small hill in our yard to see if we could get some added speed!

 Worked pretty good but only if you stay on the slide, Bekah!

Alarik's turn!

 He wasn't interested in jumping on with any speed so he needed a pull down.

And he LOVED it!!!

 Bekah and Scott made me stand in the "splash zone" to get good splash pictures of them.  Hee, hee, hee!

 Alarik says, "Now THAT'S what I call FUN!!!"

Friday, June 14, 2013

Who's Sleeping in MY Bed?

Alarik's been pretty interested in Scott's bed for several weeks now.  He's climbed into it on more than one occasion and said "nigh-nigh".  Last night Scott was sleeping over at the Kallinen's so it was the perfect chance to try it out.  Alarik was pretty smiley and proud as I tucked him in.  I heard toy trucks rattling shortly after I went back downstairs so I went up and said "Alarik Lowell...what are you doing?"  I giggled to myself as he scurried back to the bed and hopped in like I wouldn't know what he'd been up to.  I only had to go up one other time to take away a toy he'd hauled into the bed with him.  The next time I went up he was sleeping peacefully.
It's not time to give up the crib yet because I don't think he'd do very well napping in a regular bed.  But it won't be too long before we'll be hauling the crib out and rearranging the boys' room.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Garden's In

We finally got the garden in last weekend.  June 8th?  Eh, guess it could be worse.  We tore out all the raised beds because they were starting to fall apart and neighbor John came down and tilled the whole area up with his tractor for us so we could turn it into a regular old garden bed.
Jesse tilled it all again with a small tiller and we put the kids to work picking sticks, bark, rocks and chunks of clay out of it.

While we waited for Daddy to get together structures for the climbing plants to grow up, Alarik and I potted the hanging flower pots.

Alarik inspected Jesse's handiwork on the cucumber fence.  Good job, Daddy!

Scott got distracted by a pinwheel.

 Bekah and Scott got too hot and needed a cool-off break with the new Shark-Attack Slip-n-Slide.

But then it was right back to work.  Get those broccoli plants in you two slackers!!!  :)

It feels good to have it done and now we just hope the growing season is long enough to produce something.

Monday, June 10, 2013

School Days

This picture is of Bekah competing in the District spelling bee.  She won her way there along with two other kids from her grade.  The competition was in Grand Rapids and Jesse and I had both arranged to leave early from work to take her to it, but that was the day that Alarik had his tummy issues and we ended up taking him to the hospital instead.  Bekah was in tears, first because she was worried she wouldn't get to go to the spelling bee, then because she was worried about her baby brother!  We ended up being able to connect with one of the other parents in Grand Rapids and Bekah got there in the nick of time.  Her first word was dictionary which she spelled wrong so she was out right away but she was still happy to have gotten there.  And yes, she is competing in a skirt and rubber boots.  

One of the last days of school all the 2nd graders wore Huskie colors and took a class picture.  What a fun bunch!  Bekah will miss Miss Newman and Mrs. Arlt so much - she loves them both dearly!

At Kindergarten graduation there was a "What I Want to Be When I Grow Up" board and this was Scott's photo from it:
I asked him if he knew that word all by himself and he said his teachers told him that was the word for a dinosaur bones digger.  :)

They also had a slide show with lots of fun photos of Scott and his Kindergarten friends.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Office Art

I'm pretty proud of myself for following through on a project I started.  And in just over two weeks too...not too shabby!  Remember back when I had the kids finger paint photo mats?  Well, I actually managed to snap a good photo of each of them, get a print ordered and frame them all.  What do you think?

And they are even up on my wall at work already.  Three cheers for me!  :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

ReTireBirthMentDay Party

We hosted a combo party on Sunday after church celebrating Grandma Linda's retirement, Alarik's birthday and Scott's birthday.
It was a pretty simple affair with just Grandma Linda and her "friend" Bill, Uncle Kevin and Auntie Kristi, Uncle DRK's family and Auntie Steph's family.  We ate and had cupcakes with no "Happy Birthday" singing fanfare.  Nobody cares about the song anyway.  They just want to get to the cake!

Alarik was having a hard time deciding between bites of cupcake and blowing on his party horn.

Bekah and Scott ate nothing but watermelon and a few chips.

Alarik couldn't even open presents without that horn hanging out of his mouth.

Scott was pretty intrigued by this heavy present from Grandma Linda.

He needed a helping hand from Auntie Stephie to get it open.

And it turned out to be cash for his piggy bank!

THAT brought a smile to his face!

Funny side story:  After Kindergarten Graduation last week, Scott and I went to Grand Rapids to do the grocery shopping and errands.  One of our tasks was to stop at the bank and deposit Scott's full piggy bank of change into his savings account.  On the way there he asked me what it meant to "deposit" it and I explained that it meant we'd leave it to be kept safe at the bank, grow to be a little bit more money and some day he'd use it for college or something when he was older.  He had the brightest gleam in his eye when the bank teller told him he'd had over $50 in that piggy bank and then showed him his grand savings account total of $376.  She asked him what he was saving for and his expression instantly darkened as he answered with disgust in his voice, "college."

Ok, back to the present (ha, ha...get it? present???)
Sorry, couldn't help it.
Uncle DRK kept asking Scott if he'd gotten any new teeth in any of those packages yet.

Alarik got this comfy-cozy camp chair from the Kallinens and he started lounging in it straight away.

Super sweet little series of photos of Scott opening his card from Grandma Linda.  It was a handmade beauty, as always.

I read it to him, "Happy Birthday! Old Granny Loves You!" and he just grinned for a moment.

Then he showed it to me again and said, "She probably wrote that cuz that's what I always call her is Old Granny!"  He thought it was all pretty funny and it helped me actually get a good picture of him, missing teeth and all.

After most of the hoopla had died down Alarik went down for his nap.  When he got up again, he went right back to lounging in his new chair.

 Scott decorated the walkway stones with his new sidewalk chalk.

And launched his new AirHogs rocket.

Because cupcakes, chips and soda weren't enough party food for the day, the kids raided the freezer for ice cream treats.  Alarik didn't have his own so he kept coming up to Bekah and saying "Need more, Bekah!" and she'd give him a lick.  He's started calling her "Bekah" now instead of "Bubba".  She is flattered.

I was feeling a little guilty because we really went all out for both Alarik's and Scott's birthdays last year and this was pretty minimal, but I guess you can't go all out every year. Bekah's already said that she won't be talked out of a big friend party this year for HER birthday, so I can claim that I'm reserving all my creativity (and patience) for November!  :)