Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our Camper

Today we dropped Bekah off for her first sleep-away Bible camp!  She's been so excited for it, but she got more and more nervous as we got closer and all through registration.  We met her counselor and checked out her cabin where she found she was the first one there and got her pick of the beds.  She chose a top bunk.  Up went her pillow, up went her sleeping bag...and then she turned and said "Ok, bye"!  Waaaaaahhhhh!!!  No, just kidding.  I think it's GREAT that she's so brave and independent.  Definitely gets that from her father though.  I'm a big chicken.
Jesse wanted to walk around the place before we left so we did that and he was pretty impressed with the place.  He never went to camp as a kid so it was all new to him.  And he was the one that had to poke his head into Bekah's cabin one more time before we left.  :)  I can't wait to hear about her time there!

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