Monday, June 10, 2013

School Days

This picture is of Bekah competing in the District spelling bee.  She won her way there along with two other kids from her grade.  The competition was in Grand Rapids and Jesse and I had both arranged to leave early from work to take her to it, but that was the day that Alarik had his tummy issues and we ended up taking him to the hospital instead.  Bekah was in tears, first because she was worried she wouldn't get to go to the spelling bee, then because she was worried about her baby brother!  We ended up being able to connect with one of the other parents in Grand Rapids and Bekah got there in the nick of time.  Her first word was dictionary which she spelled wrong so she was out right away but she was still happy to have gotten there.  And yes, she is competing in a skirt and rubber boots.  

One of the last days of school all the 2nd graders wore Huskie colors and took a class picture.  What a fun bunch!  Bekah will miss Miss Newman and Mrs. Arlt so much - she loves them both dearly!

At Kindergarten graduation there was a "What I Want to Be When I Grow Up" board and this was Scott's photo from it:
I asked him if he knew that word all by himself and he said his teachers told him that was the word for a dinosaur bones digger.  :)

They also had a slide show with lots of fun photos of Scott and his Kindergarten friends.

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