Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Garden's In

We finally got the garden in last weekend.  June 8th?  Eh, guess it could be worse.  We tore out all the raised beds because they were starting to fall apart and neighbor John came down and tilled the whole area up with his tractor for us so we could turn it into a regular old garden bed.
Jesse tilled it all again with a small tiller and we put the kids to work picking sticks, bark, rocks and chunks of clay out of it.

While we waited for Daddy to get together structures for the climbing plants to grow up, Alarik and I potted the hanging flower pots.

Alarik inspected Jesse's handiwork on the cucumber fence.  Good job, Daddy!

Scott got distracted by a pinwheel.

 Bekah and Scott got too hot and needed a cool-off break with the new Shark-Attack Slip-n-Slide.

But then it was right back to work.  Get those broccoli plants in you two slackers!!!  :)

It feels good to have it done and now we just hope the growing season is long enough to produce something.

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