Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 4th Campin 2013: July 5th

Friday the 5th started off with more ladderball for these two boys:

It started out pretty rocky for Bekah who got her leg slammed in the camper door by Alarik and, though it wasn't a big deal at all, copped a major B.A. afterwards.  We had a talk about that.

Alarik agreed with me that it was no big deal.

I was pretty impressed that after our talk, Bekah actually worked hard to turn her mood around.  So later when she very politely asked me if I would take her swimming, I agreed.  That solidified the good mood.

The other kids were all busy doing something else and Steph had run home for something so I snuck off with just Bekah and she had the beach to herself.  Heaven!

After her short, solo swim time, Bekah caught up on the morning news.  :)  She was actually reading an article about owls in Jesse's Outdoor News.  He's had her read a few articles of interest from them lately and she enjoys them.

Later that day everyone had swim time.  Alarik continued to LOVE swimming!

Jesse took Alarik, Scott and Caden fishing after that.

This is Scott's new fishing hat.  It's actually Bekah's abandoned cowboy hat.  Jesse says it has character.  It sure does!

Caden was the only one to catch a fish but they all had a good time.

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