Monday, July 8, 2013

July 4th Camping 2013: The First Few Days

Our camping pictures from year to year are starting to look all the same to me...just different aged kids in them!  :) But I always take so many pictures and we have so much fun that I just have to share anyway.
As always, we had a wonderful and relaxing time camping at Clubhouse Lake over the 4th of July.  It was a somewhat staggered trip this year.  On Monday, Alarik went out with Grandma Linda and the Kallinens (minus Uncle Kieth).  Jesse brought Scott out there Monday evening after he picked him up from his day at Camp Hiawatha.  The next evening I picked Bekah up from her 3-day stay at Hiawatha and dropped her off at the campground.  I got all my work for the week wrapped up on Wednesday morning and was out camping by noon.  Jesse joined us Thursday morning and Kieth was there on the 4th and for the weekend.
The first few days were laid back and fun for the kids as they hung out with Auntie Steph, Grandma and their cousins.

They tried catching some fish off the pier.

They found out that Alarik LOVES swimming!

And they roasted some s'mores.

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