Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 4th Camping 2013: July 3rd

I went to my office early, early on Wednesday morning so that I could finish up my work and get out to the campground!  I made it by noon.  Not too shabby.  I found the family at the beach and we spent the rest of the day between there and the campsite.

 Scott, Gavin and Caden all jumped off the fishing pier and swam from there to the beach.  

Scott jumped in so fast after he climbed up there that I didn't get a very good picture of it.

He was pretty proud to have done that just like his older cousins, even if he did use a life jacket.

 Alarik crashed for a nap after swimming.  I was surprised at how easily he went down for naps out there.  I figured with all the excitement and no darkened room to snooze in, he would skip it, but he did great.  He started out like this on the air mattress:
 And ended up like this next to the air mattress:
 That was a common theme throughout the camping trip.

We grilled up some mini pizzas over the fire for dinner that night.
And then had a lot of fun playing group games like telephone.
And assassin where the person who is the assassin winks at people to "kill" them and everyone tries to guess who the killer is.  Scott was a very good little winker, and sneaky too!

Bekah taught us a couple of games she knew from school and they were really fun.  In one of them, one person had to guess which of the others was changing the thing that everyone was doing (clapping, snapping, tapping a foot, etc.)

 And for another one person left the circle, changed one thing about themselves and then came back and the others had to guess what they'd changed.  Let's see if you can guess what Bekah has changed about herself in this one:
 It was criss-crossed sandal straps!

The kids were pretty grubby after a couple days out camping so we dumped some warm, soapy water in a bin and scrubbed them all up before bed.  It feels good to go to bed with clean feet and a clean face if nothing else.

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