Monday, July 15, 2013

July 4th Camping 2013: Just more camping fun

Our last full day was full of more relaxing and camping fun.  The kids had their bikes along and they put on a lot of miles going 'round and 'round the loops.  Here's Scott thinking he's funny on Alarik's little bike.

Alarik biked a lot too and he walked even more.  It was nice to have all these big kids around to help watch him!

Play hard, nap hard: He really had issues with that air mattress!

Trying on Scottie's fishing hat.

 And, of course, more swimming:

 Smaller tub this time, but warm soapy water is the main ingredient anyway.  Even though we were going home in the morning, he was too grubby to send to bed without trying to wash off at least a few of the layers of dirt!

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