Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 4th Camping 2013: The Big Day - JULY 4th!

We were blessed with beautiful weather for the majority of our trip.  It only rained on us for a short time on Saturday.  July 4th was no exception to the good weather.

We started out with delicious and wholesome pancakes for breakfast topped off by...breakfast ice-cream dessert...what?
Yep! Grandma Linda, who had left the campground under the guise of needing some ear drops, returned with ICE-CREAM at 9:30 in the morning!!!  Of course we had no way to store it so we had to eat it all.  Oh, that Grandma!  :)

After breakfast and breakfast dessert, it was time for swim #1 of the day.

 Some ladderball...

...a nap...

...and some girly drinks...

...and we were ready for another beach trip!

 Time to get Red-White-&-Blue-d up for the traditional parade around the campground!

Bekah made some lovely homemade patriotic earrings.

Scott tried on a few different looks.

And he was really proud of this parade prop he made out of several pinwheels.

Corn and Watermelon with our dinner.  It was supposed to be a fully All-American meal with cheeseburgers as the main event, but thanks to a brain fart on my part, I made all the burger into taco meat and left none for burger patties, so we had sloppy tacos instead.  It's probably not going to be the next big thing, but it ate.

Several years ago we had a doughnut eating contest on the 4th and all the kids remember it fondly so they wanted to try it again.  Alarik was thoroughly confused by the whole thing.  See his doughnut hanging there by Gavin?

It didn't take him long to ignore the crazies trying to eat theirs with no hands and just go up and grab his off the string.

What's the matter with those other kids anyway?

And Bekah is the WINNER!!!

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