Friday, July 12, 2013

Ooom Ya Ya

Camp Hiawatha's rouser song has been stuck in our heads on and off ever since we heard Bekah and Scott sing it at their closing ceremonies.  Our USB drive of photos arrived today so I have to interrupt the family camping trip photo posts to bring you these:

Bekah with her counselor, Kate, and cabin-mates:

Getting-to-know-you games:

 Waterfront worship time:

A visit from voyageurs who talked more about what goes on at camp and explained new "camp words" like rubbabbo (bible study), mai (morning devotion), kapers (chores), pose (a time for reflection), grover (afternoon activity), and wattape (evening devotions).

Learning a new table grace song:

 First night campfire time:

Day 2 - hike and cookout lunch:

 Roasting hotdogs with Peter, her favorite guy counselor because he was "so hilarious":

 Swimming time!!!

They found a baby loon!

 Day 3 - morning pose Clown Worship.  Bekah explained to me that this was a silent play and it taught about not just following what everyone else is doing but listening to what God says.

Final day closing ceremony - lots of fun new songs!!!

Scott was so nervous about his day at camp, but once we got there and got registered, he tromped right off with counselor Micah without looking back!
They had all the fun of camp packed in to one day.  Games:


A cook-out lunch with s'mores:

And time in the water:

His closing ceremony was much smaller because it was just their group.  Bekah's group had another group of Discoverers (the same type of one-day group Scott was in) and also the older L.O.S.T. campers who had been around for 10 days.
Scott's not much for getting up in front of people and it made it worse that the two other boys had both left early so it was just him and NINE girls!  Eeek!
What a great first camp experience they both had and we are so thankful for it!  We'll be registering for summer 2014 as soon as we're able.

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