Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sandbox Transformation: Phase 1

There's a lot to mow around in our backyard.  One of these things is the sandbox which the kids rarely played in any more.  The big sand pile at the back edge of the yard is a lot more appealing.  So we decided to tear out the sandbox and just have the pile.  The pile is there because we plan to eventually build a whole new playground area...but that hasn't materialized yet.  For now we'll make do with a big fun pile of dirt and while we were at it I decided we should throw together a mud kitchen next door to the sand pile.

Sandbox "before" picture:

The first thing we had to do was shovel all the dirt out of the sandbox and add it to the sand pile.
My little dirt-movers:

 Oiy, this kid needs a haircut!!!

Rolling over the logs that will be the legs of the mud kitchen:

Building the mud kitchen:
Seeing as how one of the benefits of this project was intended to be less to mow around, we laid landscaping fabric under the area and created a border with bricks salvaged when we revamped the garden.

And now all that's left is to fill in the area with rocks and outfit that kitchen!
We already have quite a collection of enamalware dishes and other garage sale finds, plus fun stuff from the Target Dollar Spot to get us started.  That's Phase 2, coming (hopefully) soon!

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