Monday, August 26, 2013

No Screen Time

At the start of last week, Jesse and I instituted a new rule of no screen time for the rest of summer.  Bekah and Scott had a max of two hours per day in the summer and we were still ok with that amount of time, it was just the attitude that had developed in regard to it that we didn't like.  They both were expecting screen time instead of treating as a privilege.  They were whiny and sometimes disrespectful when it came time to turn off the ipad.  So that was the end of that.  Jesse and I figured it was just good practice for the school year when screen time is limited to weekends.

I was amazed at how well the first week went.  I heard only a few complaints and those came about when we asked how it was going, they weren't foremost in their minds.  I was also amazed at all the things they came up with to do that they hadn't bothered thinking up before.

Of course there's old standbys, such as reading.

And board games.

And good old fashioned blocks.  The construction of Sesame Street for Alarik's figurines kept Bekah and Scott quite busy one evening.

And they really impressed us and got creative with the grocery sacks after helping haul in groceries over the weekend.

And if you get too bored, there's always zipping yourself up in a sleeping bag and careening down the steep, carpeted stairs.
Oh my gosh.  I hope no screen time doesn't equal another broken bone!!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Hibblies Come to Visit

While Auntie Londa was on call last weekend and Daddy and Uncle Eric were hard at work insulating Grandma's roof, Mack and Eli spent the day playing with us!

Alarik and Eli liked hanging out in the play castle.

Ah-ha! More cobwebs for Cobweb Cupcakes!

Everyone enjoyed the mud kitchen and sand pile.  This mud kitchen has been SO worth the zero dollars and minimal sweat equity it cost us!  :)

Mack is at a great age for posing when the camera comes out and this is what he gave me when I went to snap a few of him.  HA, ha, ha!

Alarik LOVES swinging, both on my yard swing and his own.  Turns out Eli is a big fan too so I spent a LOT of time pushing swings when I wasn't lounging in one myself.

And I piled all five of them on the big swing for a picture easy task!  But I think it turned out pretty cute.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Anywhere But Their Beds

Pleading to be allowed to sleep anywhere but their own comfy beds is just about an every-night campaign for Bekah and Scott.  Maybe we've made one too many blanket forts in our day and now they always want that novelty.  They don't even care if there's a fort though.  Here they are just sacked out in the middle of the living room.

And sometimes they'll play me that their scared and need to sleep in my bed, such as this night.
Then Jesse has to haul them up the stairs after they are asleep so that we can go to bed and let me tell you, it's not easy to get an 8 1/2 year old up into a loft bed when she's dead sleeping weight in your arms!
I just don't get it.  I love my own bed. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bluegrass Festival

Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry hosts a bluegrass festival at Camp Vermillion each year and it sounded like fun.  Since we're all excited about camp now, we decided to drive up for the afternoon.  I figured it would be a good chance for Bekah and Scott to see the other camp and decide if they ever wanted to go there instead of Hiawatha.

While we didn't get to listen to much of the music, we did have a fun time checking out the camp.

 There was food, of course...what kind of a festival doesn't have food???


And games?

And face painting?

 We checked out the cabin that our church sponsors and walked down to the waterfront, checking out the chapel along the way.

Bekah and Scott wanted to win the raffle drawing for these two kayaks in the worst way.  Sadly we didn't win. 
4th prize was $250 and we didn't win that either but on the way home Scott said if he did win that he would give it all to the church!  Awwww...

Friday, August 9, 2013

Camper Fun

We've had the camper set up in our yard ever since Grandma Linda came home from her extended early-July camping trip.  We only popped it up again because we'd put it away damp when we picked Grandma up from the campground and we didn't want it getting all musty and moldy.  The kids have had so much fun with it though that we've jut kept it up.

They tried sleeping out there one night but only lasted about 15 minutes after we'd tucked them in.  But they've spent a lot of time reading, playing board games and snacking out there.  We've also had family dinner over the campfire, with smores for dessert, of course.  We are really looking forward to Labor Day weekend when we'll take it out camping for our first-ever camping trip with just our little family!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Squirt Gun

When I was growing up, squirt guns were not battery operated.

This kid doesn't know how lush he's got it.

And I think he's squirting my feet in this picture.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Moms 'n' Kids 2013

For the third year in a row we've gone "glamping" instead of camping for our annual Moms 'n' Kids weekend.  The Pratos cabin is just so convenient!

We all arrived on Friday night after work and the kids immediately discovered the paddleboat, something they hadn't used before at the Pratos, or anywhere I don't think.  This thing was a hit!  It must be the freedom of getting out on the lake alone.

Instead of splitting up one big grocery list this year we just assigned one meal to each family.  Siri had cooked us up some taco meat for dinner and we had our choice of softshell tacos or throwing together a taco salad or nachos.  Alarik picked around his taco meat and pretty much just had chips for dinner.

Gavin had been on location for all of about 10 minutes when he managed to do this to himself:
 The perils of bikes on dirt roads!

It was too cool for swimming that evening so the girls entertained themselves by dressing up, then planning and performing a circus for us!

Bekah had the funniest mime routine I've ever seen

 Tell me this girl doesn't have "drama club" written all over her!

This was the grand finale.

 And afterwards they all gave adorable is that?

Scott seemed to be the odd man out on this trip since he's the only kid his age not interested in dress-up clothes.  He really didn't mind a bit though.  He's always been great at entertaining himself.  He spent a lot of time hunting squirrels with a toy sword and a garbage can lid shield.

After the performance (and after Scott actually  ALMOST got a squirrel with that sword) it was time for s'more and then bed.

Alarik and I snuggled up together in the bunk house while Siri and the girls filled up one tent, the boys another, and Steph and Melissa each took a bed in the cabin.  Alarik was an absolute pain to sleep with.  I told everyone in the morning that it was like sleeping with a flopping fish that had elbows!  But it was pure joy to wake up next to his smiling face.  "Good morning, Alarik!"

"Good morning, Bear!"

"Good morning, Bekah!"

"OH...and Alayna!"

"Double OH...and Eleanor!!!"

Scott wasted no time getting back to squirrel hunting.

None here in the water!

The kids begged for me to let them take Alarik on a paddleboat ride.  I was a little leery, but I reasoned that he'd have his lifejacket on, he'd be sitting in between two "big kids" and paddleboats are nearly impossible to swamp anyway.   Alarik had gotten one of these new-style lifejackets for his birthday that are supposedly more comfortable than traditional ones, but this didn't look too comfortable.

He did love the paddleboat though and the big kids were proud to be able to bring him on a ride.

Us moms traditionally have mimosas with our breakfast.  Pinkies out!

The kids did some fishing:

 And they even caught a couple!

The kids insisted on swimming even though they all had chattering teeth, it was so cold!

  Craft time:  Siri found a cute idea for tic-tac-toe boards and Jesse cut us the log slices.

 Game time:  Steph found a hilarious game that involves throwing cheezy puffs onto your partner's head which is outfitted with a shaving cream-covered shower cap!

 Everyone wanted to swim one more time and they had a cannon ball contest.  Bekah won the prize for largest inhale upon descent!

And Scott had the tightest tuck:

Here's all those sillly kids!

And here they are with their crazy moms!

Moms 'n' Kids 2013 was a big success, but we did vow that next year we'll return to true camping.