Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bluegrass Festival

Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry hosts a bluegrass festival at Camp Vermillion each year and it sounded like fun.  Since we're all excited about camp now, we decided to drive up for the afternoon.  I figured it would be a good chance for Bekah and Scott to see the other camp and decide if they ever wanted to go there instead of Hiawatha.

While we didn't get to listen to much of the music, we did have a fun time checking out the camp.

 There was food, of course...what kind of a festival doesn't have food???


And games?

And face painting?

 We checked out the cabin that our church sponsors and walked down to the waterfront, checking out the chapel along the way.

Bekah and Scott wanted to win the raffle drawing for these two kayaks in the worst way.  Sadly we didn't win. 
4th prize was $250 and we didn't win that either but on the way home Scott said if he did win that he would give it all to the church!  Awwww...

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