Friday, August 9, 2013

Camper Fun

We've had the camper set up in our yard ever since Grandma Linda came home from her extended early-July camping trip.  We only popped it up again because we'd put it away damp when we picked Grandma up from the campground and we didn't want it getting all musty and moldy.  The kids have had so much fun with it though that we've jut kept it up.

They tried sleeping out there one night but only lasted about 15 minutes after we'd tucked them in.  But they've spent a lot of time reading, playing board games and snacking out there.  We've also had family dinner over the campfire, with smores for dessert, of course.  We are really looking forward to Labor Day weekend when we'll take it out camping for our first-ever camping trip with just our little family!

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