Monday, August 5, 2013

Sandbox Transformation: Completed

Bekah and I spent an hour on Sunday hauling rocks into the mud kitchen area and now it is DONE!  It's seen a couple hours of playtime already so I'd say it's a hit.

We need a few more dishes and the kids keep saying they need a microwave so we'll have to pick up a few more bricks to fashion one out of, or maybe hammer one together with some more scrap lumber.  We added a couple stumps to one side as more workspace or a place to sit.

Their first recipe was spider web cupcakes.

Bekah foraged the nearby woods for some ingredients other than spider webs. They collected those from the corners of the slide and deer feeder. Hey, darn, why didn't I think to have them collect them from the corners of my house?  :)

All three busy at work:

And here's a view of the whole sand pile/mud kitchen play area:

I'd say it sure beats that old sandbox!

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  1. So fun! I guess now you get to help me make one at day care:)