Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Hibblies Come to Visit

While Auntie Londa was on call last weekend and Daddy and Uncle Eric were hard at work insulating Grandma's roof, Mack and Eli spent the day playing with us!

Alarik and Eli liked hanging out in the play castle.

Ah-ha! More cobwebs for Cobweb Cupcakes!

Everyone enjoyed the mud kitchen and sand pile.  This mud kitchen has been SO worth the zero dollars and minimal sweat equity it cost us!  :)

Mack is at a great age for posing when the camera comes out and this is what he gave me when I went to snap a few of him.  HA, ha, ha!

Alarik LOVES swinging, both on my yard swing and his own.  Turns out Eli is a big fan too so I spent a LOT of time pushing swings when I wasn't lounging in one myself.

And I piled all five of them on the big swing for a picture easy task!  But I think it turned out pretty cute.

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