Monday, September 2, 2013

Camping Adventure

All five of us have been excited about our Labor Day weekend camping trip for a month now.  Our first ever trip with just our little family and in our pop up camper that we bought last summer and haven't used yet.  Jesse and I took Thursday, Friday and Monday off of work and we rolled out of our yard on Thursday morning just as it started to sprinkle.  It monsoon-rained on us most of the way to Remer but had stopped by the time we got there so we carried on to Mabel Lake and got started setting up camp.  By the time we were done, Alarik and Daddy were worn out so they took a nap

While Bekah, Scott and I had various fun such as their first ever canoe ride:

playing Go Fish...

and making duck lips out of Pringles.

Jesse and Alarik ran to Grandma Helen's when they got up so we could borrow her dryer for our beach towels that got wet on the ride down.  Jesse hustled on back to rescue Bekah, Scott and I from the TORNADO that was coming!!!  We rode the storm out in Grandma's basement, ate a candlelit dinner with her because the electricity had gone out, then returned to the campground for bedtime.  The adventures of that first day weren't over yet though.  At 2am, Alarik fussed a little bit and when Jesse got up to check on him, he was outside the camper!  Jesse figures he rolled out the side of the bed and landed feet first.  He sure didn't fuss much over it and was soon snuggled back up to sleep, next to Scott on the table/bed this time rather than with Bekah on the pop-out bed.

Our next two days were much better and we had lots of camping fun..."adventure" free!

Scott making torches.

Bekah journaling about our first day and night.

Alarik ready to help Dad make "can-cakes" for breakfast.

Best part about camping?  Dad cooks, kids help with dish duty!

Time for swimming!

 And canoeing with Dad


 Leaf crafts while Alarik and Dad were napping.

Scott made a very cool fish.
Bekah made a stingray, a rattlesnake, and a mom in her apron who apparently always buns the cookies.  I KNOW she's not talkin' about me!
And Scott was very proud of his "leaf monster"!

 Bekah really enjoyed canoeing.  Scott was fine as long as we didn't go out too deep.

One thing Bekah did NOT like was when Jesse "swamped" the canoe with her.  She wailed and wailed, before, during and after, even though they were only in two feet of water when he did it.  We told her to get tough.

Paying war

Bekah finishing up Black Beauty.  We listened to Green Cheese on Saturday night and one of the questions was to come up with 8 different definitions of the word "mash".  Bekah knew, from reading Black Beauty, that mash was a type of horse feed.  I called in because she was too shy but she was thrilled to have gotten an answer right!  We probably have a new Green Cheese addict in the family now.

Reading before bed for Alarik too

 All three kids really enjoyed the shallow, sandy lake.

On Saturday afternoon, another storm was brewing so we piled into the truck and drove to Walker.  The kids really liked seeing the sailboats on big Leech Lake.  There was a really nice city park where we stopped to play on the lakeshore.  We wandered around Reed's Sporting Goods while the rain started and then waited out the rest of the storm while eating dinner at Benson's.

Sunday we woke up to a cool, gray day.  We took the hiking trail over to the beach/picnic area and it was windy and cold!

Jesse and I decided that we'd head on home a day early since the weather didn't sound like it was supposed to get nicer and we planned to pack up first thing Monday morning anyway.  It was nice to get back to our own beds a night early.

Aside from a little weather excitement, we had a great time and will be planning more Storlie family camping trips in the future!

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  1. Fun, fun! How come Jesse got to take all the naps??:P