Sunday, September 29, 2013

Full Fall Weekend

Scott was sitting around in his underwear Saturday morning.  Shortly after telling him to go put at least some pants on, I caught a glimpse of this outside the back kitchen window:

When I asked him what he was doing, he answered, "Mom, I'm a superhero of my own making."  Indeed he was!

During nap time, Scott wanted to shoot his BB gun.

Once they thought they were good enough at target shooting, they wanted to try for the real thing.  Though they sat quietly and watched the woods intently for quite awhile, no squirrels dared show their faces once news had spread of their shooting skills.

Since hunting was a bust, I was able to convince them to help me pick the rest of the tomatoes and clean up the garden a little bit.

 We hung up the outside Halloween decorations.  The ghosts were terrifying, as you can see!

What better way to spend a sunny, fall afternoon than throwing the ol' pigskin around?

We also did a little 4-wheeling and I got some fall cleaning tasks checked off the list such as window washing and taking care of all the shriveled up hanging plants.

The kids have discovered a great dual-use for the slide castle:  getting more air on the rope swing!

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