Saturday, September 21, 2013

Smart Mouth = Smart Brian...right???

Scott has had some doozies lately.  The first was when we got back from camping over Labor Day weekend.  I'd asked him to take the empty coolers off the deck and hose them out.  When he finished he was hauling them back over to the deck when Jesse told him not to put them back there because they didn't go there.  Scott asked where they did go.  Jesse, while thinking where he wanted them, said, "Well, they don't go on the deck."  To which Scott immediately pointed out, "I didn't ask where they DON'T go."!!!

A couple of nights ago the kids were getting out Halloween decorations (yes, already) and Bekah had helped Scott put several things up in his room.  She was wanting him to return the favor and he didn't want to.  I was trying to intervene and tell him he should help her.  He complained he was tired and I said, "You know, it's not fair to use your sister for her help and then not do the same for her."  Scott had another quick response for me, "I thought life wasn't fair."
Dang, this kid is smarter than me!!!

We had a long day today of selling suckers and crafts at the Hwy 38 garage sales and then helping clean up the church's rummage sale.  Scott and I were lounging on my bed and I commented I was pretty tired.  Scott sighed, "Me too." but then quickly clarified, I'm not close my eyes and go to sleep tired.  I'm more like, kick back with the ipad and relax tired."  Ha, ha, ha!

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