Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Outtakes

Super cute laughing Alarik picture but why didn't I notice how ill-fitting that shirt is? 

We'll stick with closer up shots.  I like this one because his fingers really are in his mouth, I'd say, about 70% of the time.

HOORAY! Bekah and Scott are in this picture with me!!!  Hey, why do Bekah and Scott look so shell-shocked?

Oh man, I think a bug flew up my nose.

 Looks like Scott spies a mountain lion about to pounce on us.  And Alarik is trying out his sneer.

 one...two...three...JUMP!  Uh, I said JUMP, Alarik!

And we're all a little of sync here too:

This was their very own composition idea.

 Scott:  "Mom, can I say 'word' instead of cheese?"

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