Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Hot Chocolate Sort of Day

It's not exactly winter yet, but it isn't still fall either!  We spent a little bit of time outside this morning, packing away all the sandbox toys and outside chairs.  I raked another couple cartloads of leaves onto the garden and by then we all had rosy cheeks and runny noses so we came back inside and warmed up with hot chocolate.

 Bekah asked to put Alarik down for his nap all by herself which I obliged but I had to sneak up there and snap a photo of her serenading him with a lullaby on her violin.  How adorable!
Funny side story:  Bekah was bragging at daycare a few days ago that she could play Twinkle, Twinkle on the violin four different ways!  Scott said, "Yeah, but do any of them actually sound like it???"  Bahahaha!  That's what a violinist just starting out must endure I guess.

Bekah, Scott and I had a round of Skip-Bo and War while Alarik was napping.

 We had to pause the game at one point for Bekah to take a bathroom break.  This is Scott on pause:

I didn't get much housework done but we had a pretty fun, lazy day.

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