Friday, October 18, 2013

The Last 2.5 Weeks

Whew!  It's been a busy, crazy couple of weeks around here.  I started a new job on October 1st.  It's actually my old job as Bigfork city clerk so it's sort of "new again" I guess you could say.  I'm very happy to be back but the place is a mess and I've got my work cut out for me to get it organized and running smoothly again.  Jesse just wrapped up coaching his 3rd season of pony league football and of course fall means hunting so we haven't see much of each other lately.  But now that football is over I hope to catch up with that guy I call my husband.  Here's what else we've been up to so far in October:

Playing with the Angry Birds Hotwheels track.  Alarik got this for Christmas last year and it's recently become one of his favorite toys.

 We've done a lot of laundry.

We had some visitors on our deck who left little tracks in the morning frost.  Poor old Morgan is getting so hard of hearing that she must not have had any idea they were there.  The tracks went right up to the three pumpkins we have sitting on the deck waiting to be carved, but thankfully they didn't nibble on them at all.

We biked down to the creek one nice day after work.

I'm always trying to get a decent picture of the three kids together.

Usually I fail.

This was one of those times.

How did parents ever manage before digital cameras???

We've spent a lot of time raking up the same leaf pile and subsequently un-piling it.

Scott dug a mine in the sand pile.  Thank you, MineCraft for making him think he wants to be a miner when he grows up.  Little does he know that actual mining has nothing to do with the video game.

Bekah presided over a very lengthy church service for her Zoobles.

Scott built this cool hotel for his Hotwheels.

We did eventually rake up all the leaves in the yard and we piled them over the garden which Jesse tilled up for the fall.  I've been studying up on a garden concept that keeps 6 to 8 inches of natural mulch on your garden at all times.  Claims to keep weeds to a minimum and produce the best soil possible for your veggies.  We'll see about that.

Scott set up this makeshift drum set and he and Alarik rocked out all one evening on it.

It was super loud and hurt my ears.  Then Bekah joined in with her violin and I think my ears bled a little bit.  :)

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