Friday, November 22, 2013

100 Paper Airplanes

Scott has become enamored with paper airplanes and he set his sights on making 100 of them.  Here they are, numbered and everything!

When report cards came home a couple weeks ago, we learned that Scott had some room for improvement when it came to listening, not having to be told something fifteen times, and living on his own timetable.  Oh, we already knew that!  So his teacher told us that she's had a hard time finding a "hook" for Scott; something she can use to motivate him.  He doesn't care about missing recess or gym, he doesn't care about extra ipad time.  The only thing she's hit upon, she told us, was paper airplanes.  Jesse and I just looked at each other and smiled!  So now when Scott needs some extra incentive at school, Mrs. Arlt just tells him if he gets his work done she'll give him some special paper and he can make a paper airplane for her son.  Whatever works!  But I'm happy to report that Scott has really turned it around in the last two weeks.  Mrs. Arlt laughed because the day after report cards went home and Jesse and I had a talk with him, he was "on" all day and she asked what he'd had for breakfast, then put two and two together and razzed him about getting a talking to.  Whatever part of all that worked, we'll take it because he's doing so much better.  And we were happy to hear that academically he's just where he needs to be.  Way to go, Scott!

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