Friday, November 29, 2013

2013 - 2004 = 9

Yes, the math works...but it still doesn't seem like she should be NINE years old!

Since her birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year, Bekah requested turkey-shaped pancakes for breakfast.  What?  Ok, well, we'll give this a whirl.  I thought they turned out pretty darn good.  You can see my turkey cheat sheet on the counter behind the griddle.

Bekah wanted to give one a try.

I think hers looks more like a dinosaur, what do you think?

Our budding artist has been wanting an easel so that's what Jesse and I got her.

The Pratos had gotten her paints and painting paper so she immediately set to work on her first masterpiece.

She called it "Whale Tails" and Jesse and I were both pretty impressed.  I love her detail of the splash made by the tails done with a slightly different shade of blue and painted on thicker for more dimension.

Now our only problem is going to be finding space for all these paintings to dry and then to be displayed.  I just pinned a neat idea to scan your kids' artwork and then print in small tiles and frame in one big frame.  But I still don't think I could throw away the original!

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