Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Different and Wonderful Christmas Morning

Christmas morning started at 4am for two little elves in our house.  Bekah woke up, crept downstairs, saw a ribbon leading to a snowmobile parked outside the front door and promptly scurried back upstairs and woke up Scott.  They both peeked out at the family gift from Santa, Jesse and I, then they cuddled up on the couch and were chatting away in whispered hushes when I came out and told them to get back to bed!  They actually fell back asleep and didn't get back up until 7:30...not too bad.

Alarik was excited but I don't think he exactly knew why.

Bekah and Scott showed him the "big" present.

And then they wanted to open the few gifts that were under the tree.  Bekah made homemade gifts for lots of people this year and Alarik's was a bow and arrow set.

He opened it up and said very matter of factly, "It's a stick."   :)
 I think Bekah was hoping for a more enthusiastic reaction.  He did play with it a little bit though, so that was good.

Bekah had made Scott a new pillowcase out of one of his bedsheets that had gotten a hole in it.  Very creative, that little girl.

Homemade gifts were the theme this year and I made the kids a fishing game and a stix game.

 The kids moved on to their stockings after that to see what Santa had left them besides the new ride.
Bekah got some Moshling figurines.


Scott always gets Tootsie Rolls in the foot of his sock.

He was really excited about these new gloves.  He's always had mittens and he's been wanting gloves.  It's so nice when your kids gets excited about "normal" stuff.

Alarik figured out pretty quickly what this stocking business was all about.

He got two new Sesame Street figurines.

 And "NEM N NEMS!!!!!!"

Which he promptly ate for breakfast along with two candy canes...the Christmas breakfast of champions!

It was such a relaxing morning with just a few, treasured gifts, and then it was time to gas up the 'nomobile as Alarik calls it and take a Christmas morning ride!

Our trails were packed by snowshoes so the first few rides were pretty rocky until we packed down a wider track.  It was pretty chilly so we didn't hook up a sled.

After a couple rides each we loaded up the truck and headed to Remer for dinner and gifts with Grandma Helen.  We stopped at Grandpa Tom's on our way home and, like every year, the back of the truck was FULL by the time we got home!  The kids got so many toys at both grandparent's places.
Christmas Day 2013 was a great one for the Storlies and we hope it was for you and yours as well!

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