Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Very Storlie New Year's Eve

Gone is the desire to go out and ring in the New Year loud and rowdy with a bunch of friends and random strangers.  We had so much fun at home with the kids last year and they were very excited to plan for this year.  While Dad was away on his spearing trip, we came up with the plan for the evening which included a meal of dippable foods.  Bekah made up the menu for the New Year's Eve Dip Cafe:

And both she and Scott helped get everything assembled and set out.  I'm a big fan of the dip menu now.  I had chopped and prepped everything possible on Sunday night so it was a breeze to get it all on the table with their help.  We threw the already-assembled chicken enchilada dip in the oven and while it was heating up we put together the taco dip, sliced apples, and put everything on trays and in bowls.  Bekah was so proud of how she arranged every thing on the table. 

Once all the food was ready, it was time to mix the fizzy punch.  Scott thought his looked just like Mountain Dew when he mixed the 7UP and OJ.

Bekah mixed Alarik's in his green monster water bottle for him and Jesse and I got wine glasses.  We even had fancy ice cubes; frozen cranberry juice!

Time to eat!  Everyone sampled the dips they could reach from their seat.  We played musical chairs until we'd tasted them all,then parked in front of our favorites.

Scott's rankings were:
#1 - taco dip with Doritos
#2 - peanut butter/marshmallow dip with applies
#3 - dill dip with veggies
#4 - chicken enchilada dip
 Bekah's rankings:
#1 - fruit dip with apples
#2 - chicken enchilada dip with tortilla chips
#3 - taco dip with Doritos
#4 - dill dip with veggies

When we asked Alarik what his favorite dip was, he yelled out, "KETCHUP" which wasn't even on the menu so we laughed about that.  He did have his own little plate of chicken strips with honey to dip in.  I wasn't so sure which of the other dips he would eat.  He liked the PB/marshmallow one and he even ate a couple cucumbers with dill dip...not too shabby.

We started a game of Lego Champion after dinner was moved to the island to wait for Dad to get home and eat.  This is such a fun game!

We played another round with Dad when he got home.

No one made it to midnight in our house.  We didn't even really try actually.  Alarik got put to bed about 8pm and the rest of us watched Shrek the Final Chapter and will be in bed by 10:30pm.  A night like this beats any other way to ring in the New Year!

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