Thursday, December 5, 2013

Alarik 2.5

Alarik loves to put on his 'odorant.  I can remember Scottie saying it the exact same way when he was little.

Alarik's voice and the way he says everything reminds us so much of Scottie at that age.  Here's some of the cute stuff he says lately:

When you ask him if he's ready to do something:  "I sure am!"

When you ask if we should do something he wants to do:  "Let's do it!"

When you tell him to do something that he's refused to do:  "Alarik say NO!"
And of course his smart mouth can get him in trouble sometimes.  Take this recent exchange while he was helping me wash dishes the other day:
Me:  Out of my way please.
Alarik:  YOU get out of MY way!
Me:  (getting nose to nose with him and using my firm tone) Don't talk to me like that Alarik.

He's also a very bossy little thing and he always knows what everyone else should be doing and doesn't hesitate to tell them so.  

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