Sunday, December 1, 2013


Bekah chose a trip to Bentleyville for her birthday this year.  No birthday is complete without Corinne so we picked her up on our way!  Our first stop was Santa Clause.  We'd solicited the advice of the Kallinens who are old pros at this attraction (and who met us there) and got in line for the big guy first thing so we didn't have to wait very long and then were free to enjoy the rest of the sights.

Alarik wasn't loving Santa, but seeing him earned you a free hat and cookies and he was all for the cookies.

We walked around and saw all the displays.  I can't imagine the patience of the people who put this together.  I put up 10-15 strands of lights each year and it's enough to make me the Grinch for a few hours.  This is incredible!

Alarik didn't get as excited as I'd hoped he would.  He was working on a messed up nap and sleep schedule since the kids had all spent the night at Grandpa Tom's the night before and didn't sleep well away from home.  He and Jesse partnered up since Jesse's nerves were grated from the moment we entered Duluth city limits until sometime today.

What Alarik did get excited about was the Sesame Street display and that got all the other three excited too.  We spent most of our time in that area.

Jesse: hating every minute of this but being a good sport anyway because it was Bekah's birthday treat.

I think the kids and I would definitely make a return trip another year, especially if we combined it with shopping or something.  Jesse will probably stay home.  :)

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