Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Funny, Funny Kids

Oh my, these kids are just killing us lately!

Jesse had to leave for a meeting shortly after getting home from work tonight and on his way out the door I asked him if he would please pick up some milk.  He said he would and Alarik ran right up to him, thrust out his finger at him and yelled, "YOU WILL PICK UP ORANGE JUICE TOO!"  Jesse grinned, pointed back at Alarik and said, "You will use your manners."  Alarik didn't miss a beat and shot right back with, "YOU WILL PLEASE PICK UP SOME ORANGE JUICE!"

Later I overheard this gem of a conversation between Scott and Bekah:
Scott: 6 girls at school today wanted to marry me. Yesterday there was one other one so that makes 7 total.
Bekah: I bet half of them are just saying that cuz they want to be my sister-in-law. The other half must realize there aren't that many good men around to pick from.
Scott: HUH?????

A couple afternoons ago on our way home we met Scott's teacher at a 3-way stop. Scott sat straight up in the back seat and had his eagle eye on her the whole time she was turning.  As she pulled away ahead of us, he slumped back in his seat and said with no small measure of disgust in his voice, "My teacher drives a Chevy."  He's a Ford man so you can see why that would put a damper on his day.

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