Sunday, December 22, 2013

Grace Community Christmas Pageant 2013

Bekah took care of the prelude to the 2013 Sunday School Christmas pageant at church this morning.  She played "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" and didn't miss one note despite being terribly nervous.  For some reason she can get up on stage at the Edge Center and play all day, but she's nervous to get up in front of our small congregation.

She did fantastic though and we were very proud of her.

First to enter was Mary and Joseph, a.k.a. Sofie and Alarik.  I can't believe they got the leading roles at their tender young age of 2!  I thought you had to put in several years of being shepherds and angels before you hit the big time!

Joseph didn't care for his head covering and he and Mary kept wandering back and forth to the front pew.

Caden gave Alarik a little pep talk about standing still.

Bekah wanted to be a shepherd this year.  That was a nice change from her last couple years as an angel.

But Scott likes to stick with what he knows and is comfortable with so he was one of the wise men again.  Judging by his smart mouth lately and his wise-guy ways, I'd say that was a good fit.  :)  He was the "T" in "CHRISTMAS" so he was supposed to line up at the opposite end of the line, but instead he fell into place with his other two fellow kings.  To top it off he was sporting the start of a shiner on his right eye due to a wrestling match with one of the manger animals just before the show.  Boys...

After this point in the production my camera must have checked out on me because when I got home these were all the pictures I had.  Bummer.  But better than nothing I guess.  This kids did a great job especially considering they had zero practice time.  You got shepherds, angels, kings and the Holy Family and it always turns out ok, right?

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