Sunday, December 15, 2013

I give you...

...the Storlie Family Christmas Tree!!!

Let me explain:  We never put our tree up more than two weeks before Christmas because we burn wood for heat and our house is super dry in the winter.  Well, this year we've gotten lots and lots of snow in early December and when Jesse went to get a tree, he couldn't get very far into the woods, even with snowshoes.  He came back to the house with a strange look on his face and said he was ready to bring the tree in and that none of us could peek outside.  Bekah, Scott and I speculated as to what it was about this tree that was making Dad act so weird.  Was it humungous? Was it tiny? Was it a palm tree???

Well, here's the big moment of discovery:

Bekah was unsure, to say the least.  I think she couldn't quite figure out if Dad was serious or not.

Scott was also puzzled.

And Alarik pointed and exclaimed, "I like my tree!!!".  Let's all remember, he most likely has no point of reference for what our Christmas tree usually looks like.  :)

I must say that I like the idea immediately.  I just wasn't sure if Jesse was really doing this.  Did he have an evergreen tree outside waiting to end this joke?  But nope, he was serious.

We got right to work decorating since we didn't have to worry about waiting for it to thaw out and settle.

It was Alarik's first time to help Dad put the star on the top.

And there you have it...the Storlie's nevergreen tree!

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