Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ice Breakers Hockey

Did you notice the multitude of Ice Breakers containers under Alarik's crib when he showed you his 7-step plan?  Well, those were Scott's.  He collects them.  I don't understand the thrill, but whatever.  He and Caden found a good use for them when they moved the coffee table out of the way and staged an Ice Breakers hockey match on the living room carpet.

They mixed it up and used several pucks at once.  Alarik was pretty entertained watching from the sidelines.

And when he got bored he grabbed his pillow pet moose and made it give him a piggy back ride.  :)

Sometimes I cringe at the garbage my kids want to save and the clutter it makes in their rooms, but when they put their imaginations to good use like this and even get some exercise in the process, I guess that's worth it.

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