Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Last Christmas Celebration

We celebrated Christmas 2013 for the last time yesterday at Uncle Drk's house.  All Grandma Linda's 12 grand kids were there and three of them even brought a significant other.  Jesse was the only one missing because he's up in the Boundary Waters on his second annual spearing trip.

The kids all opened their gifts from Grandma at the same time.  She always makes each of them a Christmas ornament and this year's was "Christmas in a nutshell", a walnut shell halved and filled with a nativity scene.  The girls got charms for their charm bracelets and the boys got survival bracelets.

Then the kids took turns opening their presents, youngest to oldest. A Thor figurine and Hot Wheels set for Scott:

A button maker for Bekah:
She proceeded to make a button for every single person there.

The traditional game of dirty dice was rousing but not so rowdy as usual because Drk instituted a new rule that instead of using a timer, we'd just each roll a set number of times after the gifts were opened.  The closest we came to tears was when Bekah stole Alarik's box of suckers.  Boy, was he MAD!  Thankfully he got to steal them back.  He was none to nice about it either!

Caden ended up with a much-coveted tabletop billiards game.  And you can see Alarik digging into his sucker stash next to Caden.

Sue trying to shoot pool with her club.  She'd cut her hand the day before and actually ended up needing surgery to repair some tendons that she severed.  Eeesh! Luckily she was feeling great and could still participate in the festivities...not to mention play hostess.

Here's Grandma Linda with her full dozen grand kids.  It's a good-lookin bunch!

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