Thursday, December 26, 2013

'twas the day after Christmas...

'twas the day after Christmas
and all through my rooms
lay cellophane and cardboard;
get me my broom!

Presents galore
were strewn all about;
toys, games, hats, mittens
and movies to sort out.
 The kids were all playing
while I puttered around;
breakfast, lunch, a nap
nothing profound.

When from the living room
there arose such a clatter.
I sprang from my book
to see what was the matter

Bekah in her new pjs,
and Scott in his too,
were going stir crazy.
I knew just what to do!

Where is your Christmas cheer?
I demanded to know.
Then I bundled them up and
out they went in the snow.

I washed my new bedsheets,
made of soft flannel that's plaid
then counted the hours
til I could turn into bed.

The kids played until dark
out there in the snow
then they came in for dinner
and we put in a show.

A fun day of lounging
was just what we needed;
nothing fantastic accomplished
but I'd say we succeeded.

What a great many blessings
this family receives,
not to mention the blessing
to me that they is!  :)

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